• Camille

  • Voltaire a la Bastille composant la Henriade

  • d'Alembert

  • Ariane

  • Ariane

Rameau and his work

Rameau and his period

First (partial) performance of Handel's Water Music in London.
Bach moves to Coethen.

Rameau's preparatory studies for his musical treatise, Traité de l'Harmonie; referred to as ‘notes autographes d'enseignement’ (René Suaudeau) and known as the ‘Onslow Papers’; now lost.

Première of Camille reine des Volsques by Campra at the Académie royale de musique.

Voltaire imprisoned in the Bastille.   

Birth of d'Alembert in Paris.

Première of Mouret's Ariane at the Académie royale de musique.